Survivors of Sexual Assault: An Art Installation and Video Celebrating The Strength of the Survivor Community

Survivors of Sexual Assault by Sharon Locke on Vimeo.

The short video documentary, “Survivors of Sexual Assault” is an extension of a 2013 installation. That community art project exhibited
photos of the hands of sexual assault survivors. It represented a cross section of society and expressed both their trauma and healing.
This documentary is a collage of still and moving images of survivor’s hands with voice layovers from interviews of their experiences. Text written by survivors, pertinent quotations, live footage, and music are intertwined to make an authentic creative statement of the reality of sexual assault.

Locke 02


The installation at the Central Library, Monroe County Library System, Rochester, NY. For information on bringing the exhibit to your gallery or organization please use the Contact Form at the bottom of the Artist Information/Contact page.